My favorite books

When I was young I liked a few books even if I am not a fan of reading nor choosing a book. But a few books that was one of my favorite to read when I was young was the Percy jackson series and the Red Pyramid, which was really helpful for me because I it reallly made me keep reading. And also make sure that you are reading the teacher's recommandation on books. Because it is the best book that you could possibly read in your certain age.

Books that never get old

As you know there are some books that makes you keep reading it. You can not let it go. Even if you are eating. And those books fall under a category called the never ageing books. So you should probably read it.

Books are so fun

Books could be fun... sometimes. A book is a thing that everybody will like to read. It usually has the best story that can cheer you up!

My First Author recommendation

My first recommendation to the people would be the author Rick Riordan.He is the best author I would say because he writes books that combines mythology and a good plot for the overall story.

Books that I am interested in

Books that I am interested in are like stories that requires a journey to something like solving each problems at a time. And also books that has a little combat in it.

Book that I am reading right now

The book that I am reading right now is called the The burning maze also by Rick Riordan. It is one of the books in the apollo seires. It has a good plot and overall apollo goes into a maze to find something. But on the way they fight a few monsters too.